Brian Culp

Brian is a long-time technical writer who has written over 20 titles for major publishers, and was both a technical writer and technical publications manager for a US-based, publicly-traded electric car company.

Most of his writing has centered around the software industry, covering topics ranging from Visio in Microsoft Office, to DevOps on the Azure cloud platform, to the Supergraph for Apollo GraphQL. In addition, he’s co-authored (read: written in their entirety) four titles covering the world of personal finance. Really. (Ask him about rising equity glide paths sometime. Actually, don’t do this if you value your sanity.)

He also has a certification in the Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprise, which he supposes is a bigger deal than it actually is, or at least he still has to buy his own drinks.

Before he started his writing career, Brian was a tremendously mediocre outfielder in the Colorado Rockies organization, and at one time held the career home run record at his alma mater, Kansas State University. He lives in Silicon Valley.

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