Everything I Wish I Knew About Money That Wasn’t Taught In School

by Brian Culp

These days being a teenager means more than thinking about the next big game, or homecoming dance, or senior year. You’ll spend your lifetime learning about adulting things like finance, credit and investing. The best time to take a proactive role in managing your money is while you are young and can establish solid financial practices that will last a lifetime. Explore topics like budgets, assets, credit cards, credit scores, the secrets to turning small investments into big dollars, and how inflation and the Consumer Price Index (yeah—that’s a thing) could affect all your buying decisions. These are all important things to know while thinking about buying that first car or saving for college. By using the easy concepts, practices and tips we outline in this book, you’ll learn how to be a millionaire way down the road when you are ready to retire. Because even though you might be young, it’s never too early to prepare for a financially secure future.

Wealth Management

Print Length:
127 pages

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