Retirement Mindset: How Mastering Emotions Helps You Master Retirement

by Brian Culp

Making emotional decisions in the years leading up to, and at the beginning of, your retirement years can wreak havoc on a lifetime’s worth of saving and planning. This is especially true when equity and bond markets fluctuate, and uncertain financial news becomes the norm rather than the exception. In Retirement Mindset: How Mastering Emotions Helps You Master Retirement, author Brent Ford (with Brian Culp) step both recent- and near-retirees through the process of making rational, clear-headed decisions… decisions which will lead to the best possible chance of retirement success. Whether the next five to ten years give rise to continued market gains or unprecedented losses, a level-headed mindset can be the difference between constant fear and worry and having a retirement that you can’t outlive. By adhering to the principals outlined, you’ll develop that crucial mindset of confidence and tranquility as you navigate the retirement journey ahead.

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