Windows Vista Administration: The Definitive Guide: The All-in-One Guide to Managing Windows Vista for Power Users and Business

by Brian Culp

Whether you’re a system administrator responsible for hundreds of Windows clients, or a just a roomful of computers, this book will help you install, configure, and maintain Microsoft’s newest OS. Written in jargon-free English that puts concepts in proper context, the book gives you a better understanding of Vista’s innovations and capabilities, teaches you how to leverage Vista to increase worker productivity, and demonstrates how the system can best protect sensitive data.

Best of all, Windows Vista Administration: The Definitive Guide is a problem-solving reference that lets you quickly access the solutions you need, and helps you unlock certain features to improve system performance — without forcing you to page through the entire book.

In part, the book’s topics include:

  • A tour of what’s new — including the Aero user interface, Sidebar, BitLocker Drive Encryption, Vista Search
  • An overview of all five versions of Windows Vista
  • Getting started — with workgroup networks, user profiles, VPN connections
  • Personalizing Vista — with virtual folders, Flip 3D, the new Control Panel
  • Working with software and hardware — such as installing printers, storage devices, software
  • Configuring Internet Explorer 7 — phishing filters, cookies and privacy, popup blocker, RSS feeds
  • Deploying Windows Vista — installation, imaging software, modules, migrating data
  • Optimizing performance — memory, processor, disks, applications, network, command line administration
  • Security — auditing, disk quotas, account policies, user rights, group rights, IP security
  • Troubleshooting tips — Startup repair tool, frozen applications, remote assistance, backup and restore

And that just scratches the surface. Which new features will significantly improve the operating system experience, and which are mere eye candy? What new features make Windows Vista worth the investment? Author Brian Culp supplies the answers with information-packed chapters, including one on Cool Vista Tricks that explains how to write your own gadgets for Sidebar, how to disable IM and email notifications using Vista Presenter, and a lot more.


Pub Date:
July 31, 2007

Print Length:
799 pages

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